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Church of San Pedro Apóstol and Fountain of San Pedro


Barracas is the first town you come across when you enter the Region of Valencia from Aragón, the start of the Holy Grail Route on Valencian soil.

The is home to the 16th century church of San Pedro Apóstol, listed as an Asset of Local Importance. Only a few metres away from the church is the Fountain of San Pedro, built in 1576. It is said that the spring waters emerging here have a high mineral content and were used for medicinal purposes. Although the fountain is no longer in use, it once supplied drinking water to the town of Barracas. The fountain structure is a niche made out of masonry with a brief inscription giving the date of 1576 and two crossed keys. It is also listed as an Asset of Local Interest.

Iglesia de San Pedro Apóstol y Fuente de San Pedro

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Calle Teruel, 7, 12420 Barracas, Castellón

Turismo Barracas