Escultura Ruta del Grial en Barracas

Sculpture on the Holy Grail Route in Barracas

First figure on the Holy Grail Route as it enters the Region of Valencia. Situated in Barracas, this sculpture entitled "Alfonso el Magnánimo trae el Grial a la Comunitat Valenciana" (Alphonse the Magnanimous brings the Grail to the Region of Valencia) is part of the "Obra Conmemorativa Ruta del Grial" (Holy Grail Route Commemorative Works) project by the artist Antonio Peris Carbonell

Lang Lang visita el Grial

Lang Lang visits the Holy Grail

The visit by acclaimed Chinese pianist Lang Lang, who came to Valencia as a guest of Turisme Comunitat Valenciana. He had the opportunity to tour the city and visit its most iconic heritage and cultural attractions, including the chapel of the Holy Grail in Valencia Cathedral.

Cocina singular en la Ruta del Grial

Unusual cooking on the Holy Grail Route

The kitchen at the convent at Santo Espíritu (Gilet) has an unusual cook, none other than Padre Ángel. Every day, Fray Ángel cooks whatever he finds in the market, which is where he decides on his menus. He makes everything on the menu himself, including bread and desserts. His home cooked stews, using tried and trusted old recipes, are simple and tasty.

Turoperadores polacos conocen la Ruta del Grial

Polish tour operators explored the Holy Grail Route

A Polish religious tourism visited the Region of Valencia as guests of Turisme Comunitat Valenciana for a familiarisation trip to see the Route of the Holy Grail for themselves. The group of seven tour operators were very impressed by the tourist attractions along the route.

Visitas teatralizadas Ruta del Grial en Sagunto

The Holy Grail Route in Sagunto, dramatized tours

The Holy Grail is the most important known relic and has played a leading role in the Crusades and the secret of the Knights Templar, as well as inspiring legends like those of King Arthur and Parsifal.