Escultura Ruta del Grial en Barracas

Sculpture on the Holy Grail Route in Barracas

First figure on the Holy Grail Route as it enters the Region of Valencia. Situated in Barracas, this sculpture entitled "Alfonso el Magnánimo trae el Grial a la Comunitat Valenciana" (Alphonse the Magnanimous brings the Grail to the Region of Valencia) is part of the "Obra Conmemorativa Ruta del Grial" (Holy Grail Route Commemorative Works) project by the artist Antonio Peris Carbonell

Set of 24 sculptures in weathering steel measuring 4.5 x 6 m (27m2). Each of the figures represents a theme linked solely by the Grail. This sculpture can be seen alongside the church in Barracas.